You don’t have to catch every trend

Equity Update = $18,609 | +86% from inception.     It's hard sight to see that commodity take off and you not participating in the move.  A punch in the gut.  You do the math on what it could have been and you can see what appears a once-a-year type of opportunity.  Yet, don't believe … Continue reading You don’t have to catch every trend

The flow and the hot-hand fallacy

EQUITY RUN UPDATE = $18,307  | + 83%  since inception (April 2017). Finally out of a four-month drawdown!  I hate drawdowns.  The shorter, the better. When I played basketball we often made end-of-game decisions based on who had the "hot hand."  Meaning, we would give the ball for the final shot to the player who … Continue reading The flow and the hot-hand fallacy

How to die a death of 1,000 cuts

Drawdowns, persistent drawdowns are a tough place to be.  They are also the place where traders spent most of their trading life.  Unless you run a Ponzi scheme of course and can keep hitting new highs...Ha!   But drawdowns don't have to kill you.  Here is how to avoid a death of 1,000 cuts. Trade … Continue reading How to die a death of 1,000 cuts

Equity update – 12/7/2017

You may have noticed a slowdown in posts. Second only to setting up a proper trading system, managing emotions is the most important aspect of discretionary trading.  And the system is there in part to manage those emotions. I hate drawdowns and when they happen, it's hard to talk about it and be transparent about … Continue reading Equity update – 12/7/2017