Some early inspiring quotes.

Given that there is no formal education for learning how to be a speculator, I think it's critical for a person who desires to become a successful trader that he or she spends significant amount of time learning from others.  By this, I don't mean the "get-rich-quick-with-my-awesome-sure-fire-system" crooks that sells their workshops all over the … Continue reading Some early inspiring quotes.

What I wrote after trading for 2 years…

When I first started trading, I was given $100,000 by a very courageous boss to see how I would trade.  It didn't end well.  In total, after a capital injection along the way, I lost close to $150,000.  I was asked soon after to write a summary of what had happened and I learned from. … Continue reading What I wrote after trading for 2 years…

Choose principles that stand the test of time

The only was that you can build a sustainable trading system is to develop principles that stand the test of time.  A simple test for your principles is to ask this simple question, several days/months after the trade is done: Would I take that trade again?  Regardless of the success of a specific trade, the … Continue reading Choose principles that stand the test of time

Be ready. After 10,000 hours.

After (about) 10,000 hours of watching and listening, charts and information seem to fit in recognizable patterns.  When a pattern resembles a trade opportunity, it demands action without hesitation, according to a repeatable plan.  So, be ready. Much has been said about the "10,000 hours rule" that Malcom Gladwell popularized in his book "Outliers."  I'm … Continue reading Be ready. After 10,000 hours.